Dispense Line Integration

The dispense line integration offers a solution for existing installations with a given cooling infrastructure. As well if only a dispense tower instead of a Nitro-Dispenser is preferred.

Our core components are:

  • Nitro-Box
    The coffee is pumped from an unpressurized container and pushed through the rest of the pipework under pressure. Compressed air or nitrogen with a pressure of 2.5 bar is used as nitro gas.
  • Jet-Nozzle spout
    The gas is added in the nitro box but the gas/coffee blending takes place in the jet nozzle spout. The spout can be used with existing stout taps.

Required components:

  • Product container
    Coffee in bag-in-box or canister. Unpressurized containers are preferred but kegs are also possible.
  • Compressed gas
    N2 bottle or oil-free compressed air compressor
  • Cooling
    Dry or water based cooler, refrigerated counter or refrigerator
  • Nitro-box
    This is placed in front of the cooler or in the refrigerated counter/fridge.
  • Blender
    An optional pre-mixer placed after the cooler. Only necessary for very long installations with long distances (up from 5 meters) between Nitro-box and tap.
  • Dispensing tower
  • Stout tap
  • Jet-Nozzle spout
    Here the final blending of the gas with the coffee takes place.
Jan SperlDispense Line Integration